SETIA ALAM, 1 APRIL 2024 – SYM Malaysia also launched the latest maxi scooter, the Maxsym TL508. This scooter experienced an update in terms of engine when it was first introduced with a 465cc engine power under the name Maxsym TL500 in 2020, and now it has been improved to 508cc. The Maxsym TL508 comes in three optional colours: Indigo Blue, Storm Gray, and Jet Black, and it will be available on the market starting in May 2024. The introductory selling price for this SYM latest scooter is RM46,888.00, excluding road tax and insurance.

As part of SYM’s generation of maxi scooters, the Maxsym TL508 includes exceptional motorcycle handling and convenience that Maxsym TL508 could not have imagined. It features a scooter with excellent dynamic performance and a sporty appearance. This scooter has a perfect body configuration with 50/50 weight distribution to ensure excellent handling performance.

SYM Maxsym TL508 is perfected with a 508cc displacement engine, parallel twin cylinders, and eight valves capable of delivering a maximum power of 33.5Kw at 6,750rpm and 49.9Nm of torque at 5,250rpm.

In terms of design, Maxsym TL508 completes this model with various latest and exciting features. It has a Traction Control System (TCS) prevents the rear tyre from losing traction while riding on slippery surfaces. The safety features of this scooter are further strengthened with a dual-channel anti-lock brake (ABS) system, which gives the rider confidence when doing emergency braking.

This model uses a TFT-type display panel with optimal brightness and displays essential data needed while riding. In addition, it uses a more user-friendly keyless system that makes it easier for the scooter owner to start and stop the engine.

A fuel tank capacity of 12.5 litres allows the rider to ride further without frequent refilling. Regarding the lighting system, the Maxsym TL508 is equipped with four LED headlights with brighter lighting performance to increase visibility, especially when riding in the dark.

Then, the SYM Maxsym TL508 has an adjustable wind barrier according to the rider's choice. This maxi scooter is also comfortable for long journeys due to its ergonomic and anti-slip seat design, which supports the waist of the rider and passenger.

With every purchase of any Maxsym TL508 model, buyers can enjoy a two-year unlimited mileage warranty and an online genuine parts purchase service by MForce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd.














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